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One Acre Exchange

NC Hemp Fibershed

Carolina Landscape in Cotton and Hemp

Our local landscape used to be shaped by the growing and processing of cotton goods. In the modern era, nearly all of that production has moved over seas, taking the knowledge, history, and economic power with it. It is my hope that we can thoughtfully and ethically bring fiber industry back to the Carolina's by growing hemp and through community efforts like One Acre Exchange. This piece uses a unique weaving technique called "ondulé" to distort and curve the warp threads, creating an effect like rolling hills. Pieces of raw cotton and hemp stalks, both harvested from NC fields, are inset to create an abstract landscape, representing both our past and (hopefully) our future.

Experiments with Hemp #1-#6

A series of quick experimental techniques using raw hemp fiber in different ways.

* Exhibited at The Carrack Modern Art Gallery

Durham, NC May 2019

* Exhibited at Alamance Arts Center

Graham, NC August 2019

Fiber: 100% Cotton yarn, raw hemp fiber, 

Technique: Ondulé tabby
Dimensions: 29″ x 35″

Spring Rain (Windows #1)

This is the first in a series of works all themed around “windows.” Each work focuses on the ideas of transparency and light. Through ondulé weaving, the warp threads are crammed into tight dense areas, or spread to create diaphanous transparent areas.

Windows are something you look through, and reveal what is hidden behind a wall. But windows are also something that obstruct and alter and frame your view. Raindrops that drip down a window pane leave a trail. Supplemental warp threads are trimmed and left hanging on one side of the cloth to add an element of “natural” randomness as they curl and dangle.

This piece can be viewed from either the “front” or the “back,” but is best hung where it can be seen from both sides. Displaying it so that you can view the way light interacts through the piece is ideal.

* Exhibited at 311 Gallery

Raleigh NC October 2018

* Exhibited at Alamance Arts Center

Graham, NC August 2019

Fiber: 100% Cotton

Technique: Ondulé tabby, painted warp, supplemental warp threads.
Dimensions: 30″ x 72″

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