Wearables made of handwoven fabric, slow fashion thoughtfully created by hand.
Organic Cotton T-shirts

These t-shirts were both woven of 100% USA grown and spun organic cotton. The striped shirt uses handspun wool as accent. Both shirt patterns are crafted to create as little textile waste as possible. All inside seams are finished and bound with complimentary scrap fabric rescued from textile waste.

Alpaca Walking Coat

This knee-length flared jacket is made from alpaca wool fabric that was handwoven on a historical floor loom. Combining techniques of the past with technology of the future, the fabric is woven with thin strips of reflective material. Just like the material used in safety-vests or tennis shoes, these super thin strips of plastic are embedded with micro-beads of glass that reflect light so strongly they seem to light up like bulbs without needing any source of power.  This means that the coat really shines in low-light settings with a single bright light source, like walking down the street with car headlights, or under a camera-flash.

For in progress photos and more details, check out the blog post➚. 

Exhibited at the 2018 NC State Fair - Blue Ribbon Winner.

Fiber: Alpaca wool, reflective strips
Technique: felting, sewing.

Kelly Wove It

Handwoven fiber art with a modern twist

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