Kelly Wove It

Handwoven fiber art with a modern twist

© 2019 by Kelly Walsh


Make me something...

Kelly greatly enjoys working on commissioned projects because she feels that they frequently encourage her to work with colors and shapes she wouldn’t have explored on her own. If you are looking for a custom piece of fiber art, please don’t hesitate to contact her to see what might be possible. Regardless of if you’re looking for something specific and exacting, or just  have a general idea of direction, commissions are a form of collaboration she looks forward to.

Silver Stars

“Make me something black and silver, make the reflective bits really shine.”

An overshot scarf imitating my very first success, using warp transition to create an ombre effect. Diamond like stars glitter on a night sky, reflective threads shine back direct light.

Fiber: Tencel, 3M
Technique: Overshot “Small Honeysuckle”

Brand Colors Scarf

"Make me something with these colors: #445A63  #7CC7E8 ■ #90D609 ■ #E5A3C1 ■"

A customized brand colors scarf in tencel yarn, with three reflective strips per inch. The draft combines tabby and twill to create a silky smooth texture with occasional color pops.

Fiber: Tencel, 3M

Technique: Mixed tabby and twill


“I want a reflective scarf for my friend. She’s decided to stop dyeing her hair and embrace the grey.”

This scarf looks at the effects of what happens when you transition black to silver, thready by thread, in both warp and weft. From solid black to solid silver, and every step in between, the reflective threads shine through.​

Fiber: Tencel, 3M
Technique: Straight twill

Sea & Sky

A commissioned scarf, through translation “I love blue and grey because it reminds me of the sea, and the place where the ocean meets the sky.”

Hand dyed small batch yarn in successive shades of charcoal grey through blue with hints of deep ocean. A dominant chevron draws the eye down and up at the same time. Where does the sky become ocean?

Fiber: Rayon bouclé, small batch hand dyed
Technique: Broken twill

Houndstooth Blue

“Make me a teal scarf that reflects light. Other colors are cool too. Something with texture.”